In-Depth Analysis, Actionable Insights, and Industry Benchmarks - enhance decision-making and maximise your ROI.


Relying on meaningful Influencer Reporting & Benchmarking is important for your company for several reasons:

Drives Campaign Optimization

Data-driven insights enables your brand to identify opportunities, making informed decisions to improve future campaigns.

Measures ROI

Evaluating the effectiveness of influencer campaigns helps your brand understand your return on investment and allocate resources more efficiently.

Enhances Decision-Making

Comprehensive reporting and benchmarking provide valuable information to guide strategic decisions and justify influencer marketing investments.

Keeps Brands Competitive

By comparing against industry benchmarks, your brand can gauge their performance relative to competitors, helping you stay ahead in the market.


At Beyond One, we take a data-driven approach to Influencer Reporting & Benchmarking. We begin by defining the key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your campaign objectives, ensuring we measure what truly matters. Our comprehensive analysis evaluates the performance of individual influencers, channels, and content formats to provide a holistic view of your campaign's success. We also benchmark your results against industry standards, offering valuable context and identifying areas for improvement. Our reporting process emphasizes clarity and actionable insights, equipping you with the knowledge needed to optimize future campaigns and maximize ROI. By partnering with us, you can expect data-backed decision-making, informed strategic planning, and a competitive edge in your influencer marketing efforts.

What's included

Number 1 | Beyond One

Campaign Performance Metrics

Detailed analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reach, engagement, conversions, and sales.

Number 2 | Beyond One

Influencer Evaluation

Assessment of individual influencer performance to identify top-performing partners and inform future collaborations.

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Channel Analysis

Examination of the effectiveness of different platforms and content formats, helping your brand focus on the most impactful channels.

Number 4 | Beyond One

Industry Benchmarking

Comparison of your brand's performance with industry standards, providing context and revealing areas of opportunity.

Number 5 | Beyond One

Actionable Insights

Identification of trends, patterns, and learnings to inform future campaign strategy and optimization.

Number 6 | Beyond One

Comprehensive Reporting

Clear, concise, and visually appealing reports, providing stakeholders with a thorough understanding of the campaign's performance.



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