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A thorough influencer search and research is essential for several reasons:

Ensure Brand Alignment

Finding influencers who share your brand values and ethos helps maintain brand integrity and authenticity.

Targeted Reach

Researching influencers allows us to identify those with a following that closely matches your target audience, ensuring more effective communication and engagement.

Optimize ROI

By carefully selecting influencers who resonate with your audience and have a proven track record of success, we can maximize the return on your influencer marketing investment.

Long-term Relationships

Actively researching just the right influencers enables us to build and maintain strong partnerships for your brand, leading to more impactful and long-lasting collaborations.

Manage Reputation

Thorough research helps your brand avoid partnering with influencers who may have a negative impact on your reputation.


Our approach to Active Influencer Search & Research is rooted in strategic analysis and data-driven decision-making. We start by understanding your brand's objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes. With these insights, we examine various social media platforms to determine where your target audience is most active. Our team then conducts a comprehensive search for influencers based on niche, demographics, engagement rates, and other criteria relevant to your campaign. We dive deep into each potential influencer's content, style, values, and follower demographics, ensuring optimal brand alignment. By evaluating past performance metrics, we predict the success of your collaboration and create a shortlist of the most suitable influencers. Our goal is to connect your brand with the perfect influencer partners, driving authentic engagement and delivering impactful results.

What's included

Number 1 | Beyond One

Defining Objectives

Identifying the goals and target audience of your influencer campaign.

Number 2 | Beyond One

Platform Analysis

Examining different social media platforms to determine where your target audience is most active and engaged.

Number 3 | Beyond One

Influencer Discovery

Searching for influencers based on niche, audience demographics, engagement rates, and other relevant criteria.

Number 4 | Beyond One

Influencer Profiling

Analysing each potential influencer's content, style, values, and follower demographics to ensure alignment with your brand and campaign goals.

Number 5 | Beyond One

Performance Metrics

Evaluating influencers' past performance, including engagement rates, conversions, and ROI, to predict the potential success of your collaboration.

Number 6 | Beyond One

Influencer Shortlisting

Creating a list of the most suitable influencers for your campaign based on the research conducted.



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